Specialist physiotherapy

All our clinicians have experience in working as advanced physiotherapy practitioners. An advanced physiotherapy practitioner operates with a higher degree of autonomy across the health and social care landscape to enable integrated care.

This role encompasses the independent triaging, assessment, evaluation, and diagnosing of patients with highly complex disorders and possible multiple pathologies.

Physiotherapy skills:


Performing extensive assessments


Diagnosing and managing patients with complex disorders


Performing point of care ultrasound


Injection therapy for musculoskeletal conditions

Clinical collaboration

Close working relationships with local surgeons and pain specialists

Rehab programmes

Development of personalised rehabilitation programmes
Expert Physiotherapy Care with Advanced Practitioners at our Clinic in Kent

Advanced physiotherapy

Our advanced physiotherapists work at a higher level of expertise with extended skills in specialised clinical areas such as injection therapy, ultrasound and non-medical prescribing. Our clinicians collaborate closely with medical professionals and have the authority to order x-rays and MRI scans.

At our clinic, you will receive specialist physiotherapy care from experienced advanced practitioners. With a higher degree of autonomy, they provide integrated care that encompasses independent evaluation and diagnosis of even the most complex disorders.