Pilates with Keke

At our studio, Keke, a Polestar-certified instructor, leads equipment-based Pilates with expertise. Her sessions offer a personalised, transformative experience for those seeking to enhance their physical health or navigating recovery from injuries.

Pilates with Keke transcends conventional exercise, becoming a journey towards rediscovering strength, flexibility, and vitality. It’s an invitation to embrace a healthier, more vibrant life through mindful movement and Pilates that extends beyond the mat.

Maximising wellness

Equipment-based Pilates offers a tailored and dynamic approach to fitness and rehabilitation, enhancing core strength, movement precision, and flexibility. Utilising specialised apparatus, it provides personalised adjustments and supports detailed rehab with adjustable resistance. This method promotes better posture, injury prevention, and diverse exercises, alongside focused breathing techniques for improved relaxation. Its versatile nature makes it an effective way to achieve overall physical health and well-being.

Equipment-based pilates benefits:


Utilising equipment like the Reformer, Trapeze Table, and Wunda Chair for tailored adjustments that match individual fitness levels and rehabilitation needs.

Core strength

Leveraging specialised apparatus to intensify core exercises, improving stability, posture, and overall muscle tone.


Equipment aids in executing movements with greater precision, leading to better alignment and injury prevention.


The resistance and support provided by Pilates machines allows for stretching exercises that enhance flexibility and motion range.


Support and resistance that can be adjusted for rehabilitation of injuries, suitable for clients with specific physical concerns.

Versatile workouts

A variety of equipment allows for a wide range of exercises, preventing workout monotony and continuously challenging the body.

Breathing techniques

Incorporating equipment allows for a deeper focus on breathing techniques, enhancing lung capacity and relaxation.

Key advantages

  • Strengthen the core
  • Equipment-assisted stretches
  • Enhance spinal alignment and posture
  • Reduce back and neck pain
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Low-impact exercise that protects against wear
  • Safely strengthen and rehabilitate

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Session schedule

Day Time
Tuesday 07:30
Wednesday 09:00
Thursday 18:00

Discover the transformative power of equipment-based Pilates at our Kent studio, led by Keke, a Polestar-certified instructor with a unique approach to fitness and rehabilitation. Experience personalized sessions that strengthen, heal, and revitalize, using specialized equipment for optimal health and wellness. Join us for a journey to better health, flexibility, and mind-body harmony.