The Foundry Clinic aims to provide a referral service for GPs and allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

Working together with them we provide a comprehensive service that includes a full assessment, point of care ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections if applicable. Following the appointment, we will issue you and the person who referred you with a thorough report of our findings and recommendations. This service can be used to provide complex clients with a second opinion.

Our referral service includes:


Thorough assessment of complex patients to provide an accurate working diagnosis


A point of care ultrasound scan for further evaluation


Ultrasound-guided injection at an additional cost depending on the type of injection considered


An in-depth report on the findings of both the assessment and the ultrasound scan findings


A recommendation regarding further management options

Common circumstances for second opinions

  • Your healthcare professional feels that further examination is required to determine exactly what your diagnosis is and to assist with further management
  • Your physiotherapist has diagnosed you with a condition that you do not feel you have
  • You suspect you have a condition that has not been diagnosed
  • Your consultant has recommended surgery, and you would like to try conservative (non-surgical) treatment first
  • If your healthcare professional is unsure about how they can help you, they may refer you to a physiotherapist who has more expertise in the services you require
  • Where patients and their families are asked to make very important decisions regarding treatment options